Joy Proposal Story: Emily & Charlie

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Emily and Charlie met on eHarmony! They just celebrated their one-year anniversary. They share their very sweet and significant proposal story, how they stay sane during wedding planning, and what is means to have true joy.   Give us the proposal details! When? Where? How? Early on in our dating relationship we discovered that his […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Megan & Garrett

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Megan and Garrett had mutual friends in college. Garrett’s roommate was seeing one of Megan’s friends, and the girls went over to hang out with Garrett and his roommate one night. Megan made the first move and asked for Garrett’s number. They stayed friends and started dating officially two and a half years later. The rest, you know, is […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Claire & Nate


Claire and Nate met while Nate was in a band. Claire knew some of the other members of the band, and she and her friends went to their shows whenever they could. Nate asked Claire out a few times, but she said no for about a year. (Way to be persistent, Nate!) Eventually, she decided to give him a shot. It […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Giovanni & Brian


Brian and Giovanni met on a dating website back in March of 2008 (that’s nine years!). Today is their wedding day. The entire team sends love (and joy), and we thought it’d be special to share their proposal story today! Give us the details! When? Where? How? Brian and I were preparing to go on vacation […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Sam & Melissa

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Sam and Melissa met in October of 2013 (October 26, 2013 to be exact). We asked them to tell us about this very special and eventful first meeting, their super sweet proposal (champagne, rose petals, etc.), and how they stay sane during wedding planning.   How did the two of you meet? Sam was at […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Cassie & Blaise

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Cassie and Blaise met at Colorado State University. He was the mascot (Cam the Ram), and she was on the cheerleading team. They spent a lot of time together on the sidelines, and they were friends long before we started dating. It wasn’t until Blaise taught Cassie how to dance at a country bar (so many talents!), that […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Emily & Taylor


Emily and Taylor met during their junior year at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. It was a special night. Everyone was out celebrating Robert Griffin III’s Heisman Memorial Trophy win. Emily and Taylor happened to end up at the same local dive bar, Scruffy Murphys, where they were introduced through mutual friends. Five years later […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Tim & Lauren


Tim and Lauren first met through their mutual friend, Eric, who Lauren knew growing up and who Tim met in college. Tim would visit Lauren’s hometown during the summer and happened into her house where I was having a party. They remained friendly throughout college, running into each other here and there, before they both ended up in Boston. Eric […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Sam & Alex


Sam and Alex met at a bar in Evansville, Indiana, where they both went to school. Sam went to the University of Southern Indiana, and Alex attends  University of Evansville as a graduate student. Alex was out with friends on a Valentine’s weekend bar crawl on February 13th—and so was Sam! They ended up dancing together on […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Matt & Trey


Life is all about joy. Give us the details! When? Where? How? I am a musician. Not a terribly well-known one, but I’ve been fortunate enough to play shows and make friends with many of my idols in the punk and ska scene. One such group of friends were the band MU330. They had announced […]

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