Joy Proposal Story: Jennifer & Bradford


Whoever said you can’t find true love on Tinder hasn’t met Jennifer and Bradford. After they swiped right, Brad asked Jennifer if he could call her. Their first phone call lasted over four hours, and they both knew this could be something special. This was back in June 2015—now they’re planning their wedding. Take that, […]

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Decoding Men’s Wedding Ring Trends

Photo Credit: Promise Tangeman

While engagement rings and women’s wedding rings get a lot of attention, bands for men can often get treated as an afterthought. Perhaps because much fewer men tend to wear jewelry on a daily basis, it is generally considered that the simpler the design, the better. With a recent influx of trends and influences, though, […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Megan & Ryne


Megan and Ryne met in 2011 at a housewarming party held by a mutual friend from college. Ryne, smitten by Megan, messaged her a few days later and asked her out to lunch at an neighborhood Thai restaurant. By the time their first date was finished, they both knew that something special was in the making. […]

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How To Plan a Green Wedding


We asked our Joy couples for wedding planning advice. (Because who knows better than those in the midst of planning a wedding?) Tricia, one of our brides, had a lot to say about green wedding planning, so we decided to feature it here! Read on to learn how Tricia and her fiance, Phil, made conscious […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Veronica & Devin


Veronica and Devin were high school sweethearts—but that depends on how you define sweethearts. For those with a looser interpretation of the word, here’s how things went down: Veronica mildly stalked Devin all through high school. On the last day of school, having never said a word to him beforehand, she confidently walked up to him […]

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11 Ways To Be The Best Wedding Guest Ever

colorful wedding streamers

Planning a wedding is hard work, but being a good wedding guest isn’t the easiest thing in the world either. Thankfully, the secrets to being a great wedding guest that aren’t expensive or labor-intensive. Being a good wedding guest doesn’t require fancy outfits or pricey gifts. It has much more to do with common courtesy and a little thoughtfulness. If […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Felicia & Zachary


Felicia and Zachary met through mutual friends at a summer bonfire just about three years ago. The two traveled to Europe so Felicia could run a marathon, but more importantly, to visit Prague, a place Felicia always dreamed of visiting. Little did she know that Zack would take the opportunity to make the trip extra special—read more about […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Maria-Paula & Stuart


Maria-Paula and Stuart met over a decade ago when they both joined the 7th grade Mime Troupe (you read that right). It took a year, but Stuart finally worked up the courage to invite Maria-Paula to the 8th grade end-of-the-year dance—and the rest, as they say, is history. We asked Maria-Paula and Stuart to tell […]

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