Joy Proposal Story: Alisha & Kevin

Alisha and Kevin met at a party over six years ago, they planned their wedding in three months, and they have one beautiful daughter. That adds up to a whole lot of love. Read on to hear about the sweet holiday proposal and how Alisha and Kevin keep joy at the center of their lives. […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Zuri & Corbin

Corbin and Zuri met in college at Northwestern University. He was a sophomore and she was a freshman. They had seen each other around campus a few times, but their first real conversation happened during a kickback thrown by one of their mutual friends. Their friendship mostly blossomed through AIM messaging (don’t act like you didn’t have AIM!) and […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Alma & Mike


Alma and Mike met online—on the wild west of dating websites, OkCupid. Mike sent Alma a message, and they decided to grab drinks at a neighborhood bar. It was August, and it was hot. Alma was incredibly nervous about running her first race at the time, and Mike showed her proper stretching and running form. […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Jenny & Manny


Couples that beer pong together stay together—or something like that. Jenny and Manny met at a house party while in college. They didn’t talk too much that first night, but Manny had to see Jenny again. He invited her to a party the next evening, they paired up for beer pong, and let’s just say […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Alissa & David

David and Alyssa 1

What do the JCC, a Yankees jacket, and Facebook have in common? They’re all part of Alissa and David’s love story. Read on to learn about how they met, how David popped the question, and what they do to stay sane under the pressures of wedding planning.   How did the two of you meet? […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Whimsy Soul


Kara runs the ever-popular fashion, travel, and lifestyle blog, Whimsy Soul. She’s cheese-loving, Wisconsin-born, San Francisco resident, sharing her daily inspiration for where to go, what to where, and how to look and feel like a badass, powerful woman doing it. She recently got engaged (you can read the full story here!), so we asked […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Amanda & Christopher

AlyssaDawn Photography

Amanda and Christopher met in high school, but didn’t actually get together until after college. Christopher was living in Texas, but got injured playing a pick-up game of football. He was supposed to have surgery, but ended up coming back home to get a second opinion. He didn’t need the surgery, but decided to stay in California. […]

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Joy + RHS + DECA

A few months ago, we got an email from three Redmond High School marketing students: Sara, Peyton, and Mari. They wanted to use Joy as a case study for a DECA project—and we couldn’t say no! We’ve been so impressed by their work and creativity. They’ve done research, handed out surveys, and held focus groups, all to better […]

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Joy Proposal Story: Louise & Gerard


Louise and Gerard met in college in the University of Limerick, but they didn’t start dating until five years after they first met! (Gerard says he knew the first time he saw Louise that they would get married.) Just about six years later, they’re planning their wedding.   Give us the details! When? Where? How? We got engaged on a […]

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