Meet The Experts

Leah Arnold Smeets

Hi! I’m Leah. I live in Orange County, California, with my super athletic, slightly nerdy husband and our rambunctious daughter, Emiko. In a previous life I have travelled all over the world and even lived in Dubai, UAE.

My passions include avid DIY’ing, obsessive organic gardening, scrolling through Instagram accounts of floral arrangements, attending yoga on an embarrassingly infrequent basis, and enjoying a well-deserved glass of cabernet with my handsome husband. I love working for Joy because I love a good party and have that obsessive crafting habit I mentioned above. What better way to combine these interests than by writing about weddings?

Aubrey Bach

I’m a writer based out of Seattle, Washington, but I was raised on the mean streets of Orange County, California. I’m an oversharer, a first-class party planner, a serious travel enthusiast and a semi-obsessive gourmand who loves to eat and cook. I’m also a recovering Diet Coke addict.

My favorite thing about weddings (besides the fact that they are a great excuse to drink champagne) is watching new families and friend groups come together around the couple. As a guest, I’m often the first person to cry and the first person out on the dance floor. I’ve been married to the handsome dude who oversees design at Joy for eight years, and together we travel the world, often in his Sprinter van, when we aren’t working on making the best wedding app in the world.

Cali Pitchel

Hi! I’m Cali Pitchel, Joy’s Brand Manager and a general enthusiast of the written word. I live in Seattle but was born and raised in Arizona, and am a voracious reader, a lover of the great outdoors and a photography junkie.

I’ve loved weddings since I was a child – seriously, as a six-year-old, I was so enthralled by a wedding our family was attending that I got up out of my seat and stood with the wedding party throughout the whole ceremony. If that story doesn’t show how excited I am to be working with Joy, then I don’t know what will convince you.

alix@2xAlix Hernandez

Alix Hernandez is Joy’s resident fashion expert. She has been covering fashion and lifestyle on her fashion blog ALIXROSE since 2008. When she’s not writing, you can usually find her at a karaoke bar belting out ballads, finding her zen on the yoga mat or discussing pop culture issues with a passion.
Alix loves weddings because they are a perfect reason to dress up! She is excited to help Joy readers look and feel their best at every wedding they attend, whether they are the ones getting married or just a guest. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter to learn more about this petite chatter box.

 Cathie Wigert

Cathie Wigert is a Seattle-based writer who loves writing about love. Cathie is the author behind Thriving with Social Anxiety and The Anxious Girl’s Guide to Dating. Whilst planning her own wedding Cathie‘s hair fell out in chunks; she’s here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.